Summ-It Up – Auto Enrolment Pensions

We have heard lots of reasons for delaying or ignoring your Auto Enrolment Pension responsibilities

Its just another admin burden

  • Too much paperwork
  • No time to do a lengthy pensions scheme application that no employee is going to want to join
  • Help is at hand!

Once you have decided on your Auto Enrolment Pension, if you choose NEST or NOW:Pensions we can complete the application for you, or if another provider, help you though the process.  We can then help with linking your payroll, completing your submissions from each pay run and produce the correct correspondence, as required by The Pensions Regulator.  This takes away all of the worry of the admin, processing and correspondence.

  • Stages of Pensions Covered
  • Auto Enrolment Pension Registration
  • Pension Calculations
  • Pensions Submissions
  • Pension Correspondence
  • Pension Declaration of Compliance